#AskSam : How do you brand yourself when everyone has different opinions as to what is best?

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That is an interesting question and your frustration is understandable. The main thing that you need to do is make yourself stand apart from the crowd. This is the best way to brand yourself and get yourself noticed. So, how can you achieve that?

Think about what you want to project about yourself. Would you want people to think of your name and then think about what you are, for eg “marketing consultant”? Or by other concepts such as leader or thinker? When you have decided this, do things accordingly.

If you want to be known as a marketing consultant, then write articles, blogs on this issue. Basically try to make a mark for yourself in this field so that you are seen as an expert in this field.

Your game plan should include branding yourself in social media especially LinkedIn because decision makers will definitely check it. Let me reiterate the previous example again. If aim is to be seen as a marketing consultant, then add links of your blogs, share an articles that you have written. If aim to be seen as a leader, include any videos of you giving a speech at conferences and such things.

If we take Twitter, then your twitter should follow the same rules as above. You need to choose your niche and stick to it whole heartedly. Do not try to be the jack of all trades, be the monarch of your niche.

Proactively manage all aspects of your brand online and ensure that it is all in sync especially regarding what you post on different social media platforms. See that they continue to reinforce your brand attributes.

Hope this helped and best of luck!

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