AskSam: Many times the interviewer asks questions that are not related to the position! Do you have any suggestions?

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Okay, our problem is that the interviewer does not ask the appropriate questions. The reason for it being that the interviewer is trying to get a better idea about you. He/she cannot get to know you by just restricting the questions to the job. But he/she wants to know more about you and what makes you tick. You need to go with the flow. Answer them as well as you can and graciously. After you answer that, you can ask the interviewer, “May I ask you a question?” and then steer the interview in the direction you want.It is a game of give and take. You need to satisfy the interviewer but then you have to be pro-active as well and take charge of the interview (in a way that does not seem like you are) and get what you want. Hope this helped!

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