#AskSam: Sam , I have been working with the flex jobs website for the past couple of months in search of a new job that offers more work at home flexibility. But unfortunately, I am not really getting any bites. Any advice?

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Hi Rebecca. Nice to hear from you. I know it’s pretty frustrating to look for a job on a site that promises one and not find any. And the fact that you have to pay up every month must be pinching you at least a teeny-weeny bit.  But if it isn’t really working, I think you’re looking in the wrong place. Many people I know have found jobs that provide the flexibility you are craving for on LinkedIn. Why don’t you try that? You do not have to pay a dime and the results are quicker and much more effective. All you need to do is log in to LinkedIn and go to the Jobs tab. Type in the keywords such as ‘flexible’ or ‘work from home’ and also enter your field of work. You will see a list of suitable jobs. Decide which ones to apply for. At least one of them will surely click. I know because I’ve dished out this very same advice to dozens of job seekers and they have hit bull’s eye each time. I suggest you do the same. Right away. I am sure you’ll find that dream job soon. All the best!

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