#AskSam: What is the best way to generate business leads from Linkedin?

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There are many ways to generate leads. You just need to be creative and consistent with your efforts.First of all, join relevant Groups.
When looking for the groups, target those most likely to be frequented by your prospective customers. Also, check how active the group is. This can be done by not just looking at how many people are posting in the group, but also the amount of discussion the posts are producing. Also, after joining the group, participate in the discussions and give detailed, useful answers. When you deliver valuable answers, you will be seen as an expert. Thus, prospects will often visit your profile to learn more about you and what you do. Then,you can use another LinkedIn feature – InMail which allows you to send a direct message to any user on LinkedIn, regardless of whether or not you are directly connected to them. Plus, according to LinkedIn, an InMail is 30 times more likely to get a response than making a cold call. Now, remember, make this a routine. Do it daily and not whenever you remember or feel like it.

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