Recruiters Should Be Business Partners. What Does That Mean?


What is the role of a business partners ? At the crux of it – to help you take the company to new heights. So, how will you do that? Obviously, infrastructure and capital are important, but there is a factor that trumps even these – talent. Here is where recruiters come in.

Recruiters go out there and find the best talent for your company. So, does that not make them business partners as well? They may not have a percentage stake in the company, but you are reliant on them for the very people who will work hard to make your company/organization a success.

So, how can you make recruiters business partners? What things can you implement in this regard?

Make The Recruiters Your Trusted Advisors – Especially of the middle management. Do not let them be the outliers. You need to build a good rapport with them so that you can easily communicate information and them their concerns.

Educate Them About Your Business – Make sure that they are knowledgeable about the business. You cannot just give them a bullet list of the qualities you expect in a candidate and expect them to get amazing people who will add tremendous value. For that, they need to understand the nuances of the business and the kind of individuals that will be suitable for it.

Make Them Aware Of Issues – Let the recruiters know the issues and expectations for where the acquisition has to take place. Such as, what are the critical skills and competencies you require in your workforce to meet and exceed the business objectives?

Share Information With The Recruiters – Let them be in the know about what you have planned for the company, like – what are your key business initiatives for the next quarter, the next year. Also, make them aware of the kind of work style of your company is, what is the culture of a particular department where the recruitments need to take place and so on.

Have Review Meetings – Like with any stakeholder there are business review meetings, have the same quarterly with the recruiters as well. Discuss things like hiring needs for the future based on growth and turnover. Also, have a performance review of their recruitment functions and recommend ways for how it can be improved.


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