Using Re-written LinkedIn Profile how did a Business Development Consultant convert her experience into callbacks.

Sometimes it isn’t enough to have a massive roster of skills and experience to get your phone ringing and have all those calls pouring in from Hiring Managers, just dying to hire you. Linda, a senior sales expert was one to have a proven track record of achievements that would make anyone believe that she was a lioness when it came to closing deals. But unfortunately, this wasn’t enough to get her enough callbacks or inquiries. We decided to rewrite her profile, framing the language differently, and the result was so good this is what she had to say.


When you have achieved one thing very well, it could get difficult to list it out and give out an impression of having a diverse set of skills. Today we see how we have take a step back from a negotiators task of closing deals to identify what other things go behind making a  sale, and filtering valuable insights from them and listing them herein.




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