Production Group Leader 2nd Shift

Anderson, IN

Experience Requirements:

  • Demonstrated Leadership, Communication, & Facilitation Skill Sets
  • Prefer 2 years as an Area / Production Leader - managing others preferably in a fast paced Stamping/Welding Environment.
  • Minimum three, (3), years press experience with progress, and/or transfer dies, and/or weld assembly processes.
  • Demonstrated capability of using measuring instruments (calipers, micrometers, gauging, etc)

Skill Requirements:

  • Demonstrated Organization and interpersonal Skills
  • Demonstrated writing and computer skills
  • Demonstrated leadership skills
  • Interest and skill in developing subordinates; recognize individual strengths & weaknesses
  • Accountable - Teachable - Approachable
  • Able to flex to address changing needs
  • Ability to problem solve.

Essential Job Functions:


  • Conducts daily and weekly safety inspection and training to ensure departmental operations and personnel are in compliance with OSHA and corporate Safety Policies and Practices.
  • Ensure & Enforce the use of Safety Blocks.
  • Ensure & Enforce the lockout/tag out procedure.
  • Ensure & Enforce all safety curtain/guards in place during operation.
  • Report all accidents, injuries and/or illnesses and near misses in area with assistance from Team Leader while working together to track performance and countermeasure problems (and risks).
  • Communicate all accident information personally during communication meetings.
  • Review & submit suggestions to improve the Safety Environment in assigned areas.
  • Train and coach Team Leads in creating a mentally-engaged, physically, emotionally, and professionally safe environment.
  • Frequently check on team members by visiting the area and stay engaged to support their welfare.
  • Personally observe team members techniques as they perform job functions.
  • Train and coach team leads on their observation techniques.
  • Improve the techniques and methods of the awkward movements in order to minimize physical burdens.
  • Collaborate with the Safety and EH&S experts to continuously improve the ergonomics of the work.

5-S Process

  • Develop a 5-S plan. Review process with check sheets, mentor Team Leaders to "heighten their awareness and educate them on desired standards.
  • Evaluate the 5-S condition daily by observing the process area. Coach Team Leads on abnormalities.
  • Follow up on any 5-S condition that is not within standard.

Standardized Work

  • Assist Team Leaders or their assigned designee to train the team members in Standardized Work practices and follow up on any concerns that arise. Actively listening for team members techniques or methods that potentially improve the standardized work.
  • Observe that the team members are following standard work. Check 1 or 2 processes within boundary area daily ensuring all processes are checked each week.
  • Lead by example to ensure consistency of standardized work by team leads and all team members.
  • Check to confirm the continuous improvement of Standardized Work and follow-up to ensure changes are made or abnormalities are resolved.
  • Ensure adherence to the ongoing use of the Standardized Work Layered Process Audit system.
  • Perform checks to ensure Team Leads train using the standardized work teaching methodology: 1) Prepare the team member; 2) Present the operation to the team member; 3) Allow the team member to try out the operation; and 4) Provide coaching and follow up.
  • Monitor the training, coaching and mentoring of each trainee, and be a resource to Team Leader.
  • Confirm Team Leads validate job breakdown sheets and standardize work processes with the team.
  • Assist in the training of audit team members in standardized work and ensure the Team Leader completes the training matrix to document all training.
  • Assist Team Lead in providing department/new hire orientation as required for replacements.

Cell Operations (Quality, Productivity, Equipment, Operations)

  • Audit part quality throughout the shift .
  • Assist team member on first/last off part quality check at changeover and sign first/last piece ticket
  • Drive SMED Coach and mentor changeover times to ensure target are met or exceeded.
  • Final visual audit inspection of all parts leaving press area for quality.
  • Verify that containment pans are being used as specified for batch quantities.
  • Ensure proper containment procedures are followed when poor quality is detected.
  • Ensure the Containment Checklist procedures are executed if product becomes contaminated.
  • Assist with Requisition of Corrective Actions related to Quality Issues.
  • Allocate manpower as needed within boundary area to meet production requirements.
  • Ensure presses and equipment are running at targeted run rate. Ex. SPM must align with die set up sheet. If it can be exceeded a TCS Worksheet must be submitted.
  • Provide direction to team leads and team members to maintain compliance with process standards.
  • Monitor the hourly production board to ensure team leads are keeping abreast of the current production rate.
  • Plan, coordinate, and supervise the activities of assigned personnel to efficiently and productively meet production schedules and to hold employees accountable for their performance.
  • Respond as primary support to team lead calls when needed and to avoid a line stop including immediate escalation when line is down.
  • Continuously monitor and record KPI's (safety, quality, efficiency, downtime, etc.) for boundary area with responsibility to identify and implement countermeasures when abnormalities occur.
  • Back up team leads and provide first response to line problems (product or process), document problems, and resolve when possible, follow up with resources to assure that the problem is corrected.
  • Coordinate shift activities & personnel schedules to maximize throughput in the Area of Responsibility.
  • Able to fill-in as needed for any assigned job in the area of responsibility to include the Team Leader's role in case of absence.
  • Confirm quality of materials and finished goods.
  • Ensure set-up and operation of equipment in accordance with production requirements, procedures, and policies.
  • Enter into ShopEdge all Production data accurately, efficiently, and immediately after shift completion.
  • Follow the Standard Operating Procedures (i.e. dies/fixtures come out if they are not running).
  • Suggest methods of improvement (i.e. Continuous Improvement Plan & TMI Suggestions using electronic suggestion log) while coaching and mentoring Team Leaders.
  • Produce & Assist in the writing & implementing the area's process production documents, (SOP's), process related tracking and investigation reports.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase effectiveness.
  • Complete and review production process documents.
  • Conduct walk-thru's for confirmation that team members are adhering to daily activities - 5-S, TPM, etc
  • Track team member time off & attendance - to respond in a timely matter to any related issues.
  • Track team member training & ensure that all team members maintain the expected level of training on required documents, procedures, & processes.
  • Follow overtime procedure to assign team members to work on weekends and holidays.
  • Responsible for appraisal & discipline of work team members.
  • Hourly review of Production Lean Boards.
  • Write & follow-up on Work Orders as needed for repairs in assigned area.
  • Assist other Manufacturing requirements as needed.

Problem Solving / Continuous Improvement

  • Lead actions to countermeasure a problems root cause, monitor the results and standardize the changes made to correct the problem.
  • Be proactive in resolving problems in the cell, and elevate the need for assistance as necessary.
  • Go see and observe problems first hand, investigate and ensure an effective understanding of the facts/data.
  • Practice, teach and coach problem solving utilizing the scientific method.
  • Deepen process learning through rapid low-cost trials/experiments to solve problems.
  • Manage and monitor the relationship of downtime, changeovers, and process improvements through Cell and Area level KPI's as it directly relates to quality, efficiency and scrap.
  • improve safety, quality and productivity through cell team huddle brainstorming sessions
  • Mentor the team leader to continuously improve their processes towards True North utilizing Lean principles and TQPS processes at the cell and department levels.

Teamwork and Communication

  • Communicate with the next shift any and all issues/concerns resulting from your shifts operations.
  • Provide timely and effective feedback to help team members to strengthen specific skill areas needed to accomplish a task or solve a problem.
  • Discuss in team meetings [huddles] information concerning safety, quality, inventory, production schedules, etc. and fosters continuous improvement through communication.
  • Listen and talk to the team members to get a better sense of their concerns and issues while driving the TQPS philosophy
  • Assure upward communication of the issues and/or successes of the cell on an as-needed basis.
  • Complete required paper work such as production record charts, quality information and logbook for shift-to-shift communication.
  • Evaluate & Review goals with each team member; provide feedback, correction, or direction as needed.
  • Ensure that all work cells are completed and replenished and adherence to keeping KPI board updated as required: Safety Cross, Quality Cross, Birdseye View, Training Matrix, 31 day KPI charts, 5S checklist, TPM book checks, production reports, Escalation Protocol, etc.
  • Report all quality, production or safety problems to the Production Manager.
  • Address problems and implement the corrective actions immediately and initiate a temporary process change if the problem cannot be resolved quickly.
  • Ensure work orders are submitted for items needing repair in your area.
  • Assist Team Leaders in tracking all Work Orders, Tooling or Maintenance, for timely & accurate repairs.
  • Review and issue die set-up sheets as updated by Team Leaders and team members.
  • Be available for A.I. team meetings as required & requested.

Ensure adequate information is passed to on-coming shifts to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Education Requirements:

  • Prefer team members Degree
  • High school diploma or GED - Minimum
  • Proficient Math, Computer, & Communication skills

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