The Incredible Power of Career Building Through a Professional LinkedIn Profile

For people who are looking for career advancement opportunities, LinkedIn is the place to get recognized and recruited. While there are a variety of other networking platforms available for people to participate in, LinkedIn is one of the most well known and highly used platforms for people of all business and industry professionals.

Getting Discovered on LinkedIn

Unlike other platforms, LinkedIn is a global platform that recruiters and companies use to search out potential candidates for employment. This has allowed many companies to take a proactive approach to find the most viable candidates for the positions they are hiring for.

Business professionals of all types have found some of their dream jobs not by answering adds but by creating a provocative, professional, and information filled LinkedIn profile. This is where tens of thousands of people each year get “discovered” by the company of their dreams. This puts a tremendous amount of power into the hands of both the career professional and the hiring companies.

The key to getting recognized on LinkedIn is having a great profile and attached resume. This allows companies and recruiters to learn about a person and get a better understanding of their career profile. This is a vital part of being “discovered”.

LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn is well known to be one of the best career networking online platforms since people can readily connect with business associates they know and build a larger interconnection sphere-of-influence. For professionals in almost any field today, the ability to build a sphere-of-influence can be one of the best paths towards career advancement. To create a great LinkedIn profile, the use of a professional career profile writer and career enhancement professional can be a significant help.

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